Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Featured on Mr Brown Show

A pleasant surprise greeted me today when i listened to the latest Mr Brown show podcast. The jingle that i did for them like a month ago was finally aired, and i think they're even gonna use it from now on as their jingle. It felt a little odd hearing someone talk about you on the show, but i guess it's an honour... haha. Incase you missed the post i made about the jingle, you can get it here.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

My saturday breakfast pwns.

I look forward to weekends for many reasons. One of which is the weekend breakfast.
I tend to make my weekend breakfast as enjoyable as i can, coz it's the only 2 days where i actually have time to enjoy a nice breakfast.
This weekend, inspired by ChubbyHubby's recent cheeseburger post, i decided to make Cheese Muffin! It's a very sinful muffin sandwich, but extremely... extremely... tasty...

  1. Start by frying your bacon as normal, with abit of oil. I used 2 strips of streaky bacon, cut into half. So that's 4 pieces in total.
  2. After bacon is done, put the bacon aside, and crack an egg directly into the grease left over by the bacon, and stir the eggs in the pan until they're cooked. Once they're done, put aside. It takes about 1-2 minutes for the eggs to be done. You shouldn't have much grease left in the pan, it should've been absorbed by the egg.
  3. Turn down the heat, add a slab of butter, and brown the cut sides of your muffins. Let it grill for about 3-5 mins, the upside should be soft, while the cut side should be crispy.
  4. Put the 2 pieces of muffin on a plate, 2 pieces of bacon on the bottom side, eggs on top, and another 2 pieces of bacon on top.
  5. Cut about 2 slices of cheddar, put em' on top of the top side of the muffin, and put them in a conventional oven for about 5 mins to melt the cheese. Watch out for the muffin getting burnt though.
  6. When the cheese has melted, just put the 2 sides of the muffins together, and it's done!


Monday, February 20, 2006

YAM - Yet Another Monday

The weekend was a decent. Well my family problem is coming to a close for now, Thank God. Went down to The Next Stage Academy at Newton (Which is basically the Theatrical section of United Artistes Network). Halfway walking there, it started raining...... very... heavily... so i took off and ran out to the main road, thinkign that i'd find a bus stop or something.
There wasn't a single shelter in sight. -_- . So i continued running under the heavy rain, and luckily found a huge tree with a big extended branch, which i stood under for 5 mins, until the sudden downpour slowed down. By then, i already was 90% drenched.
Luckily, the rain did subsided in 5 mins, afterwhich, i walked briskly to the venue. (no point running since i'm already all wet). The last time i got drenched so bad in the rain i think was back in Secondary School, when we actually thought it felt cool to 'take a shower in the public'. Haha. Good times.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Free Your Voice! A Speech Level Singing Workshop!

FREE YOUR VOICE - A Speech Level Singing Workshop by Daniel Singh - Singapore's only Certified Instructor. Tues Feb 21 7-10pm. Details & Registration now available at www.danielstudios.com - Limited Seats. Register today.

What do 120 Grammy Winners have in common?

They all use the Seth Riggs Speech Level Singing™ Technique

Daniel Singh – Singapore’s first and only Certified Speech Level Singing™ Instructor will be conducting a 3 hour workshop on the Speech Level Singing Technique™. Come and discover how this revolutionary technique can unleash the full potential of your voice.

Some of the topics covered are:

* why you don’t need more breath/diaphragm support
* eliminating vocal breaks
* developing chest, mix and head voice
* falsetto vs head voice
* nasality & how to fix it
* singing in your real true voice from low to high
* effective warm-ups
* singing without strain & tension
* pitching correctly
* voice projection
* learn to sing with the same ease & comfort as speaking

Log on to www.danielstudios.com for details, registration and location map. Limited seats.

PS: If you're attending, enter my name Frederick at the portion where it asks for a Group Code. :) Thanks.

Semi-Dead Fred

Last night's wedding dinner was quite disastrous. Don't get me wrong, the banquet was perfectly executed. It was the first time i attended a Halal/Muslim banquet, and it was interesting. However, my headache was so bad that all i could do all night was wear a smile and drink my glass of water. Any attempts at putting the food in my mouth simply felt revolting, and made me want to puke. Not that the food was bad, the food seemed to be pretty good, but i was simply not well. Fortunately, i did'nt puke and make a fool of myself. It was pretty much a night of enduring and keeping my cool. First time i attended a banquet with a small portion of food on my plate from the 3rd course, that remained untouched all the way till the 8th course.

Returned home at 2330, feeling slightly better. Played a little FF, mainly doing
something that was scheduled with my FF gang days ago, at the same time, preparing some amterial for today's musical meeting. Finally hit the sacks at 01:30 am.

Woke up today with my head feelin' really heavy, and like 20% control of my eyelids. Dragged myself to work anyway, after poppin' 2 asprins.
Gonna sleep the lunch away... i seriously lack sleep... i think.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's Scam-The-Couples day!

Hello, It's Valentine's day, and as most of us know, it is the day couples all over the world get scammed of their money on expensive but 2nd grade quality dining.
The best meal would be one cooked at home by/for your companion! :)

I'm so busy this week..
Tuesday - Vocal Lesssons with Dan 1830-1910
Wedding Dinner 1930 - 2300 (?)
Wednesday - 1st full cast meeting for Closer to Your Heart: The Musical. - 1845 - 2230
Thursday - Possible Meeting with Local Film maker Lionel Chok - 1930ish - ????
Friday - Some R&R time finally. Maybe get a dinner date or sumfin'

I Blew a $8000 deal last friday. Which sucked. Mainly coz i was wrongly informed by a friend about certain music price quotations, and i quoted the company way too high.
In the end, i made myself look like a noob and cheat.
Lesson learnt: Get your homework done from credible sources. More than 1 source/opinion preferably.

Will revamp my site(s) soon. I'm sick of the 900kb Flash loading on www.Winterealm.com .

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Finally an update

I'm back.... Chinese New Year was probably the quietest i've had in my life so far... But coming back to work after the mega-long holiday was good. The moment i stepped in, the aunties came one by one to give their ang paos ... haha.. the amount in total was about enough to pay for the week's breakfast.

Life seems to be at the slumps for me right now... my mum has left for awhile now, dad basically just pretends to be dad, and that he cares, when actually all he cares is his china whore.
The only things i'm looking forward to is my musical, Closer to Your Heat, to be staged on 25th March 2006. Details will be posted soon. Admission, is free.

I have been noticing and observing some famous people, whom have made it big. People whom have left an impact in the world. Looking at their lives, they all have one thing in common. At one point in their lives, they were at the lowest point, the worst condition. And from there, they worked hard... very hard...to strive to become what they have achieved today.
Looking back at myself, i see myself in a somewhat similar miserable stage of my life. But one thing i'm not doing, is working hard and striving for success. My efforts are pathetic. I spend half my time playing games.

So, i've decided.... as a late new year resolution maybe... i will start to 'chiong' and work hard to become the most well known Singer/Music Producer/Composer from Singapore. I will start small, like all the others have. Start by dabbling my hands in whatever i can get hold of in the industry. And work my way up.

Life is like a RPG (Role Playing Game). No one starts the game at level 99 ... everyone starts at level 1, and work their way up.
I will continue to motivate myself. Be inspired.