Sunday, October 02, 2005

Saturday Party

Queenie's birthday bash at her place on saturday night was quite a good one. Definately one of the better house birthday parties i've attended. Attendance was pretty full, consisting of a fair number of chicks. It was really a nice socializing party, thought it was a pity i did'nt get to talk to the hottest girl there. I had 2 slices of pizza, and 3-4 glasses of red wine.
I made some interesting observations about girls at parties.. While everyone was scattered everywhere in their cliques, gossiping about stuff, the moment i started a conversation with 2 girls about ghosts and the supernatural, everyone's attention and interest immediately turned to us, and the next thing you know, all the girls were around us listening in, squealing/giggling away.
It's funny how girls appear to be terrified about such things, but yet, have so much interest for the topic, and keep asking for more stories, etc. etc.
Anyway, i'm quite sad/pissed/frustrated .. Everyone said the same thing upon seeing me yesterday. Even a schoolmate, who has'nt seen me for 7 years. This is how most/all of them greeted me :
"Hey Fred! OMG! You've grown fat!"
The second thing i get from my female friends all the time is:
"Fred, you need to get a tan!"

The tan part is'nt really that hard, but is it really such a big thing for guys to look tan, and not fair? As for my fuckin' fat face..... i have no idea what happened.. It just bloated up rapidly after i got out of Police Academy ... I did'nt change any eating habits, nor had any major emotional trauma... i simply started.. getting... fat... After a 23 years of being skinny, and 'immune' to becoming fat, i got fat. Anyone knows how to effectively trim off fats from the face? that's the main thing that's bothering me..everyday... damn it.




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