Monday, October 17, 2005

Another week

The weekend was a decent one. Had a lovely dinner with Fiona at Crystal Jade, stayed home to finish up some work on Sat, and went out on a group dinner at Compass Point on Sunday Night. It was at a little locally set up japanese restaurant named "Wasabi" . The food was lousy. It cost the same as Sakae Sushi and the likes, but the quality is even worse than Sakae ... But anyway, it's not like i was expecting some high end japanese food at a place like that..... unlike Fuji Japanese Restaurant - Bangkok ..

Anyway, i've got a musical to complete by 3 Nov ... that's about 2 weeks, and so far my
scriptwriter has informed me that he's expecting about 13 songs so far. Quite a daunting task, together with my expectations of the music. I don't think i'll have enough time to orchestrate all 13 tracks. I'll see how it goes. Have already done 2 songs, 1 is the main theme of the musical. It's yet another style from me that has never been heard before. I'll see if i can post the songs up on the Winterealm site when they're done.

It's funny how people change.. After 5 days in Bangkok, i seem to have changed from my introvert personality. I seem to have gone back to my old self. I've been having this longing to go out and interact with people the whole week while i was at home. For once in a long time, i actually want to go out, and found it truly unbearable to stay home.
Singaporeans still need to smile more...... especially when they're smiled at. Comon.. not everyone is a serial killer/kidnapper/rapist...




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