Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Life in Singapore sucks

Today's the 2nd day back in Singapore. I had a really long night's sleep. Feel more or less recovered from the fatigue. Bangkok was truly amazing. Being there for 5 days was such an enjoyable experience. You go there with a few hundred bucks, you can spend like a King. 1 out of 4 girls you see anywhere on the streets are attractive, and they're friendly. They don't give you cold glaring stares or look away snobbishly like how Singaporeans do. They give you an opportunity to smile at them, and receive 1 back. I miss Bangkok so much.
Today's only the 2nd day of work, and a storm is brewing in the dept. Our boss is tightening up rules, and making life hell for us. It sucks.
I'll be quite busy at night, writing songs for the musical i'm working on. So far, i've wrote 2 sad songs, 1 a song about a man asking the girl of his dreams to go with him to a far-away place. The other, a love theme.
I guess... the 5 days in Bangkok, i've never been alone. Having company is a nice thing. Here back in Singapore, like yesterday, after i went home alone, i had dinner alone at the coffeeshop. Returned home alone, and spent the night alone. The feeling sucked. This is those times when you would tell me "Fred, you need to get a gf!" . Easier said than done. I'm not worried about not finding a girl who would like me, i'm more unconfident about my ability to love and treat a girlfriend right...
My expectations for a gf aren't really that high.. There are simply a few qualities i seek in a girl that will make my heart melt like butter. But these things i cannot reveal! Coz they are things that come naturally...... if someone tried to be like how i'd want a girl to be, then it would'nt be real. Anyway, i gotta get to work. Bah.


10/15/2005 12:49:00 PM

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