Friday, December 30, 2005

Sim Lim Square

Is there some kinda secret trade/business going on at Sim Lim Square that i don't know of or something?
I want there to get something yesterday, a Thursday evening. And all over SLS, i saw girls wearing extremely short skirts, and scantily/sexily clad girls all over the place..... some were just girls accompanying their bfs, that i can understand... but there were solo girls or girls in pairs, who totally didn't looked like they fitted in with the tech. savvy crowd. It simply intrigued me. They were, what some singaporeans would call ah lians.

Well not that i'm complaining, it was nice to have some 'eye candy' in the midst of the gadgets and hardware. It's just that i found it a little amusing. Much like, seeing men in suits browsing around in a wet market. Is there some hidden night club on the top floor of SLS or are ah lians also interested in checking out the latest motherboards and 3D graphics cards these days? ^^;


12/31/2005 12:06:00 AM

maybe they r tired of being dumped or cheated by ah bengs, so they'r all out to search for nice, devoted, tech savvy geeks. HAHA!!! 

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