Monday, December 19, 2005

The podcast lives on...

I was about to officially announce that i'll be dis-continueing the weekly podcast. Coz, when i checked on saturday, i had a whopping 7 downloads for episode 4, which i felt was my best to date.
SO, i checked out my stats page to see how pathetic the downloads have been, and voila!
Episode 4 now sits at 47 downloads over the weekend, episode 2 and Episode 3 have doubled their figures since the last time i posted stats. Ep. 1 has remained the same, since i've removed the link. But anyway, this is good news, and encouragement for me to continue the weekly thursday show.

The weekend has been pretty boring. I did'nt go to for my free Zouk invite on Saturday, simply coz i did'nt manage to get a partner... Well i was'nt looking hard actually...simple asked 2 good friends, they had plans, so i called it off.
I spent the weekend training my voice, and gaming. Made a lovely dinner on Sunday. I had wanted to take photos of the wonderful dish, but my camera's battery was out. So i skipped the whole 'article-on-sunday's-dinner' thing.
I realize i hav'nt been writing new songs. It had suddenly occured to me how lazy i've been, and been forsaking my creativity.
SO, i've made it a point to start work on song production again, and hopefully come out with a song before 2005 ends.
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