Saturday, November 26, 2005

The aftermath

The response for the podcast has been mediocre... i noticed there have been quite a few downloads and visits, however, very few comments! I don't know if i should continue the thing or not...
If you've listened to it, please leave a comment! Let me know if i should continue with the shows... Do not be disappointed with the first show, because the quality will get better. But i need feedback... tell me what you think... tell me that you've heard the show...
And if you liked it, please tell your friends about it! The only way for this to grow is more publicity. Unlike some other famous bloggers, i'm not out for attention. I want to share music. I want to entertain. Why?
Simply coz, i don't want to keep my talent to myself. I'd like to make a difference in your lives.
So please.. let me know what you wanna hear...
I hope i'll get more feedback soon. :)


11/26/2005 09:59:00 PM

You should!




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