Monday, November 21, 2005

The Winterealm Podcast?

I've been a fan of podcasts ever since i've bought my iPod. And seeing how Podcasting is starting to take off in Singapore, i see it as a growing way of reaching out to the masses.
And so, i'm thinking of reviving my now-discontinued Winterealm Live show, probably on podcast this time.
For those who don't really know, i used to host these live shows on my shoutcast server at night. What i would do is, i'd allow 10-12 pple in, and i'd sing songs while playing on my keyboard at the same time.. It was pretty fun and cool, taking requests and all, but i had to stop it after awhile, coz i was'nt getting enough support, and my server could'nt handle too many people. But now, doing a custom music podcast would be special, and just might hit it off. I'm thinking along the lines of the Don and Drew Show . I love that show so much! And i've not found an alternative thus far. So, i think i might just be starting this shit.
Question is, if i do it, will you be interested/excited?




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