Monday, November 21, 2005

The week in summary.

It's been a pretty okay week. But the weekend was boring, in a sense.
I've been on a gaming and eating marathon! Ever since my mum came back, there's been an abundance of food. I'm finding difficulty in setting aside time to workout, coz everytime i do, it's time to eat. -_-;
Anyways, our department went on a little hiking trip earlier in the week, at the MacRitchie Nature Reserve. I did'nt know they had built a treetop bridge.
Anyway, we trekked for like 6 kilometres in total. Up the little hill and eventually up to a treetop platform, with a moderately long industrial-made bridge suspended on the trees. The view was'nt particularly good. It was'nt particularly high either. Just mediocre. Infact, the highlight was'nt such a highlight at all.. It was like a secret bridge tucked away in the middle of the forest. If i were to build something like this, i'd make sure i do some marketting on it, and make it the highlight of the nature reserve. Oh well.
On a sidenote, the monkeys have skin that is immune to barbwires! O_O;

This morning's breakfast was sinful as usual. My weekend breakfasts usually are.
I made 6 Strips of bacon with 3 hashbrowns. The photo taken was particularly beautiful..infact, the most beautiful food picture i ever took.
I decided to add some standard effects to it, making it look like a Chubbyhubbyish kinda pic, and put it up. :)

Aside from that... I'm working on doing a recording of the musical i wrote.
Looking for 2 Female mezzo-sopranos/soprano singers as well as a male baritone.

I'm actually feelin' like a loser, after giving my number to a girl and not getting a call from her. Now that i think back to what i did that morning, i feel kinda dumb. oh gosh..what have i done?!




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