Saturday, November 05, 2005

Food for Thought

This entry is going to be about food. Counting back 2 days, starting from this morning.
Because i'm home alone alot, i've somehow or rather cultivated some cooking skills. Much of it was passed down by my mum, otherwise, just a touch of creativity and imagination can help cook a nice meal.

That's my uberly oily american style breakfast today. 3 Farmland hashbrowns, together with 1 "splattered fried egg" . I don't call it an omlette or a sunny side up simply coz, it is'nt. What makes a splattered egg is when you pop open the egg pretty high up from the pan, and it literally splatters all over the pan, usually breaking the yolk in the process, and looking like how it'd look if thrown on the floor. The result is a thin but consistant piece of fried egg :P
And if there's anything i love more for breakfast, it's gotta be hashbrowns. I adore hashbrowns.

Had a very pleasant evening last night with Lynn. A friend whom i've not met for 6 years. Finally managed to peel her away from her auditor job, and met up for a long overdued dinner. 6 years...

We went to the same restaurant which we ate at 6 years ago. Swensens . Only, this time, the one at Orchard. I had the classic Chicken Baked rice, with a Seafood Chowder soup, while she picked the Crayfish Pasta. I avoid pasta at 'family restaurants' , coz i think nothing of the pasta they make. It's usually overcooked, and comes with the same sauce base that they use for the 36 other pastas on the menu.

So anyway, i was'nt impressed by the food. Soup did'nt have any flavour at all. It was just cream soup with bits and pieces of seafood dumped into it. How cheap.

Baked rice was okay. Luckily the chicken was actually pretty tender. No softbones or anything.
Wish they'd bake the cheese a little more though... or a little more cheese for that matter.

Went to Coffeebean across the road to have a nice latte, and chatted abit more about my music and her boyfriend and stuff, before we went home.

This last picture was my dinner 2 days ago! It's nice to have a nice hot bowl of soup noodles on a rainy night.

Soup was prepared with some Ikan Billis stock granules, some soy sauce, some seasame seed oil, some fish sauce and some salt. Yes, a total 5 somes was used in the last sentence.
Cooked it with some yong tau fu i bought at cold storage, and after that, dumped a bundle of shanghainese white noodles into the soup and let it cook for awhile. Noodles were taken out, leaving only the soup in the pot, popped an egg in and stirred around the yolk for a few secs to create that 'egg flower' effect, and then emptied the contents of the pot to the bowl, with the noodles and yong tau fu.

Dinner is served. Do you want some? ;)


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u cook! i don't. =X




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