Saturday, October 29, 2005

A rare Birthday celebration.

My department people gathered today, to celebrate the occasional birthdays that fell within the 2 months. In today's case, October and November. So, natuarally i was called in.
I can't remember when was the last time i had a birthday cake infront of me for me. Or perhaps, never?

See, my family has never been in the habit of celebrating birthdays. None of those joyous birthday surprise parties you see on TV, or anything of that sort. So naturally, i don't expect my friends to celebrate for me either. Year by year, my birthdays just pass by without anyone noticing.. well... i do get the occasional card from some girl friends, but that's about it.

So, today's scenario was a little awkward, and alien to me. Especially blowing out the candles.
Luckily, i had my camera with me, and had the guys take some shots. I knew it was a good thing to carry the camera around all the time. You never know when you'd need it. ;)

Looking forward to the weekend. To finishing 6 songs in 3 days. Possible. I must tell myself, it will be done.
Made a couple of new friends recently, i'm quite happy about it. One is from Malaysia, the other from Taiwan.
Also recounciled with a person i had thought i would never meet again in my life. Someone who was the biggest mystery in my life, and also changed my life forever. I forgive her for what she had done in the past. But it would be hard for me to trust her whole heartedly again. But i have to thank her. If she had'nt broken my heart so badly 3 years ago, i would never have gotten down to writing songs. Because of her, i had started on this journey in music, that i am confident i would take on for life.

Meanwhile, look what came into the doorstep today. :)

My personalized 5th Generation iPod!!! Finally.. after months of saving. I'm glad i had waited, coz if not , i'd have gotten a lousy 4th generation ipod, which has a smaller screen, thicker build, less space, lower battery time, and NO VIDEO. woot. This device, is the ultimate sexiness. I am in awe. It is so slim, check out the pic with the pen!

Anyway, was taking a break from my songs to write this entry. Time to get back to work. Right now , it's 9 songs down, 5 to go. Cya!




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