Thursday, October 20, 2005

Your silent fan of 6 years. . .

I received an email with the subject "Winterealm Feedback" last night. Emails with this subject come from the Feedback form in my Winterealm site. I hav'nt received one for awhile now, so i was quite eager to see who it was, and what it was about.
I opened the email and was surprised to see quite a lengthy passage.
This girl, (whose name i won't divulge here) had been listening to my piano pieces when i first started publishing my songs on the net. She found solace in them, and she could feel the emotions in every one of them. Coz back then, i did'nt have descriptions for my songs, so one would'nt know exactly what the song would be written about. And all these years she said, she had been growing up with my songs (i gather she's pretty young) , and being a computer-idiot , she did'nt manage to check on my site often, until last night.
She was surprised that i'm still writing music, and how i've grown, blah blah... from there on are some praises and encouragement. And signed off as "Your silent fan of 6 years" . That line just did it for me. I'm touched.
And then, another new person i met yesterday, told me that she actually knew me from my site when she visited 2-3 years ago. Despite my seemingly failure these days, i seem to have had quite a following in the past! hohoho.. but whats the use..... 1000 people can tell me "you'll be the next big thing!" but in the end, i'm still a nobody... Come to think of it, i'm like the internet loser.. the guy who never made it..
Like Janice said, perhaps all i need, is just a smile from lady luck.




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