Friday, October 28, 2005

8 Down .. but 6 more to go..

No, i did'nt count wrong. Met up with Shaiful, my scriptwriter and Dhanniah my lyricist today at my place. We discussed about many things. At one point, we were unsure if our intended 11 songs was enough for an average musical. Sure enough.. after asking Dr. Kenneth Lyen, the average song count for a musical is 15 ... Les Miserables went easily over 20 songs.....
So, we panicked for 5 minutes, and i continued working on the song i was doing, while Shaiful & Dhanniah discussed about the story. After i was done with the song, I was told about 3 more songs will be added, with our total coming to 14 songs.
This has got to be the biggest challenge i've faced so far. Never have i been pressed so hard to churn out so many quality songs that are individually unique, within such a short time frame.
I'm quite satisfied with the quality of my output so far, but i'm a little worried i might get too stressed, and creativity starts to slow down. Reason i'm saying this coz, i've already started to recycle ideas while trying to write new songs. Old melodies just keep popping up in my head. Which is a very bad thing. I need to forget everything i've written in the past 1 week.
But damn man.... I've already done 8 songs.. lol ... 6 more to go .... Latest by Monday ...
Anyway, i'm going to sleep now. I've been writing till 2-3 AM everyday for the past week, and waking up at 7:50 AM for work. Haha.. i'm pooped. May the force be with me.


10/28/2005 03:17:00 AM

You are the man my friend!
Hang in there.
We're gonna get through this together!
When the dust has settled, we'll all be smiling...



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