Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Crazy little thing called Life!

Life is getting interesting... i'm amused. There's a new staff appointed in my department , but from another unit downstairs. Her name is Belle. At first i thought she's just some other chick.
But i was thinking about random things today, and she popped up in my head (coz we ran into each other earlier in the canteen, but i don't think she saw me) .
Suddenly, it dawned upon me that i had a friend 3 years ago called Belle too. She fit her description.

(i) Tall, Skinny (she's like what.. 172cm?)
(ii) Looks like Phyllis Quek
(iii) about 3 years my junior
(iv) Surname is Chua

after some investigating, i found out she stays at Woodlands too. Which is where the one i knew stayed. So right now, it's like 90% chance that she was the Belle i was knew many years ago. We were buddies then. But somehow, i can't remember how we lost contact. I knew her boyfriend then, well too. Infact, i was trying to woo his sister. Hahaha.. good times. I'm quite excited that i might get reconciled with an old friend once again! Coz we were pretty close back then... always going out together and shit.
I'm gonna bring a photo i took with her back then, and show it to her on Friday.

"Hi .. does this picture look familiar? "

Hohoho... i can't believe somehow or rather, i'm crossing paths with people i used to know long ago again. It's funny how life works is'nt it ? One second you seem like the loneliest person in the world. The next, friends are popping up all over. :)




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