Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Holiday season

Already past the deadline i had set for myself ... The real deadline for the music is actually 4th November, this coming Friday. But I set it to Tuesday, 3 days earlier to be safe. Today is Wednesday, i have 2 songs left.
Fortunately, the remaining 2 songs are pretty small songs, so i think i should be able to finish them. Now the only problem are the lyrics. I think i'll need to help out with alot of lyrics, coz my lyricist can't seem to cope.

It's a holiday week. This week there are 2 public holidays, falling on Tuesday and Thursday.
Tuesday was Deepavali, which is a Hindu festival, where they basically display lots of lights to scare off evil spirits or something... throughout the festival are many religious demonstrations, like walking on hot coal, body piercing, etc.
Thursday is Hari Raya, the Malay New Year celebration.

I've been having fun with my iPod. It has been working flawlessly, other than its battery, which drains very fast if you play around with it alot.
I've been spending most of my time (when i'm not writing songs) organizing, and entering Song information into my thousands of MP3s , so they appear nicely on my iPod and iTunes. Song titles, Artistes, Album info, etc. A BIG hassle, but i just do abit at a time, eventually it'll all look nice and slick.

One thing i enjoyed alot so far on the iPod are Podcasts! They update automatically, and the ones i listen to are so damn funny. Lightens up my mornings at work.
I Subscribe to the Mr Brown Show , 98.7 Don and Drew show, and this foreign 1 uncannily called the Dawn and Drew show. The latter one has some explicit language and content, but it's all good in the name of fun.

I can imagine my song writing marathon will soon be over, and i can play some games soon. Been neglecting my FF11 and F.E.A.R . But seriously, i'm surprised by what i had done over the past 2 weeks. 14 songs in 2 weeks. There are a couple of reprisals, but i'd say.... at least 7 of the songs are unique and actually pretty good. At least, to me. When this is over, i'll record them and put them up. Afterall, i have the copyrights to them.
That's it for now. Have a good day! Many friends of mine are having their exams now/soon . Good luck!




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