Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wednesday Woes

Woke up so impossibly late today, with my alarm still running in the background when i woke up... (meaning, i totally slept through the entire ringing phase).
Tentatively, i am expected to report to work at 0830. I woke up at 0830 today. ^^;
I blame my dad. He was using the electric blender grinding his nuts something at like 6 A.M. Naturally, i woke up to the noise 2-3 times between 6-7 AM, but in the end, my mind subconsciously adapted to the noise, and filtered it out, putting me back to sleep. Unfortunately, it seemed like this Mental Block also blocked out the alarm beeps when i was supposed to wake up.

Anyway, i still dragged myself to work, coz there's this Christmas Celebration in my section this afternoon. There will be loads of free food, gifts and such.
I came to work and there was like 1 mini candy/snack bundle and 6 pieces of chocolate arranged neatly on my workspace.

We have this little christmas game that the entire department take part in every Christmas. They call it the carer and caree game. Basically, everyone is assigned a caree for 2 weeks in the christmas season. The carers identities are to be kept secret to the carees, and they must do something to show care for the carees everyday. Be it a little card, or a gift, or something..
So this goes on until the last day, where the department have a biggish party and the carers will be revealed to the carees, and they exchange 1 'finale' gift.
Haha... its quite fun if you get assigned to someone that you would want to care for. But sucks if you're assigned to the person you hate most.
Will post up pics of today's party later tonight... also have a big Christmas house party this friday.:)


12/21/2005 11:36:00 AM

Oh that sounds like a really cool game!! *excited* So were you assigned to someone nice? 

Posted by Laynie

12/21/2005 07:04:00 PM

yeah i was assigned to a very nice lady... i hav'nt gotten her anything yet though... gonna start with a card and some chocolates tomorrow.... haha.. on the other hand, i hav'nt gotten anything from my carer yet.. :O 

Posted by Fred



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