Friday, January 20, 2006

Things are back up

Hey fellas....
Sorry for the lack of updates..... have been busy dealing with my fucked up family crisis, and fixing up my 2 computers once and for all.... Yes, certain problems with both comps came to view, and i had to fix them up, which included reformatting both computers.
So, it was quite a chore re-installing all the software, considering the fact that i had already gone through that process about 5 times this month.
BUT, everything is good now..... It's allllll good..... temperatures are cool, noise level is silent, audio system all up and working.
I'm ready to make some music over the weekend. This major computer breakdown has been a blessing in disguise really... it had made me upgrade some of my gear, which i would'nt have done so if the computers had not failed.
Now, my studio is alot closer to a professional home recording studio. :)
I'm actually open to projects and recordings .. If you need a cozy studio to record some vocals or have some music done, or have some1 produce a demo/personal CD, email me.

Expect some music from me very soon.
And, i may be doing a podcast show soon, a special request for a few of my japanese friensd in FF, so it will have some japanese content. lol.




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