Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Hello! Winterealm 5.0 is officially launched, and as such, this blog will no longer be updated. The new Winterealm incorporates my blogging and music together, so its best of both worlds, combing the old and content.
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Dream come true... (woot)

Once upon a time, there was a talented young boy who had a passion for music and playing the piano. He only had a humble outdated plastic Yamaha keyboard at home, left behind by his brother, but he learnt and made quite a few songs with it.
However, he was severely restricted by the instrument's limitations. Because of that, he always kept a lookout for articles about keyboards and synthesizers, and often made secret wishlists of keyboards/synths he'd dream to own some day.

On a trip to Hong Kong in 2003, he came upon the Yamaha S08 keyboard/synthesizer at a well-known music store known as Tom Lee Music. The keyboard caught his attention because it felt good to play on, and although it was pricey, it didn't seem impossible to buy. It costed approx $1700 and later the price was confirmed by Yamaha Singapore.
So, our little young musician saved what spare money he could, and made a little goal that he will earn money with his own hands and music to buy his desired instrument. The day finally came, after a Chinese New Year in 2004, with personal savings and CNY money, he finally had the $1700 needed to buy the keyboard! (even though he didn't actually earn any money from music as originally intended). So, the happy little bugger hopped down to Yamaha Music Plaza, only to his horror, to find the price risen to $2400!

His dreams were instantly shattered, hopes dashed. It was already costing him a limb and leg to fork out $1700, lest to say $2400. So reluctantly, he gave up his dream for the Yamaha S08.
After some research, he managed to find another keyboard, although not half as good, but it was reasonable for it's price, and a good value for money. So our budding musician bought that instrument, and made alot of progress in his music and growth for over a year using it.

2006. Frederick Lin was a name that rang throughout the halls of Musical Theatre Society as a talented composer and singer. He achieved much success and acclaim for a musical he wrote and staged in March 2006, and subsequently received a generous offer to compose a birthday song for the renowned Goei family.

The young man did some research again on the Yamaha S08, still the instrument of his dreams after 3 years... although the price at Yahama remained at $2400 (and unaffordable), he found another shop who has it for $1990 ! With enough money this time, having received some recognition for his music, he finally bought the Yamaha S08, with his own money from music.
Finally, 1 of his dreams had come true. The 2 month wait for the shipment from Japan to arrive was over, and it was an emotional moment when he opened the huge box finally, unveiling the beauty laid within. The wait was over.