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Do YOU want to SING in a Musical???

THE NEXT WAVE III of Original Singapore Musicals


Can you sing and act? If so, you may be the one we're looking for.

You are invited to audition for SIX Exciting Original READINGS to be
staged on 23-25 JUNE 2006 as part of the Singapore Festival of Arts
fringe at The Drama Centre Black Box, National Library.

Performers for the readings will be given a small honorarium.

Interested parties may walk in for an audition. If you would like to
confirm your schedule, please contact Tamara at 81134292 or email

DATE : Saturday 1 April 2006
Sunday 2 April 2006
TIME : 3:00 to 6:00 pm
PLACE : The Next Stage Academy, 420 Clemenceau Avenue
North, adjacent to the carpark at Newton Food Centre. It's opposite
Cairnhill CC , 5 mins walk from Newton MRT.

Please prepare TWO BROADWAY SONGS (One slow/ One Fast) that will show
your RANGE and EXPRESSION. These songs are to be sung acapella or
accompanied by your own minus one. Bring along a photograph (any photo
will do) and your bio-data/resume if possible.

A tender love story set in a Singapore brothel around the turn of the
19-20th century.

a) Lim Boon Keng: m 36 : A prominent community leader and Member of
the Legislative Council
b) Ah Lin: f 16 : Young novice prostitute
c) Mama: f 40 : Brothel Keeper,
d) Kong: m 55 : A crippled soup-hawker, a dirty old man.
e) May Lee: f 32 : A prostitute.
f) Marakusa: f 28 : A Japanese courtesan.
g) The Boss: m 40 : Gangster
h) Hong Chai: m 21 : A hunky porter-coolie.

Ensemble: Marakusa's little maid., policemen, rickshaw coolies,
gangsters, prostitutes.

Comedy about 4 ladies obsessed about their external appearances, but
learn about internal appearances.

a) Cleo : f 20+; Pimply faced.
b) Victoria: f 20+ ;Fat.
c) Becky: f 20+; Flat-chested.
d) Letchmi: f ; Dark-skinned.
e) Susanne: f 20+ ;Short.
f) Lee: m 20+ ;Sales promoter.
g) Sean: m 20+ ; Victoria's boyfriend.
h) Samuel: m 20+ ; Becky's brother.
i) Mr Tan: m 20+; Cleo's office colleague.

Ensemble: Boss, cleaner, chorus

A musical inspired by the mysterious demise of the ancient South
American Empire - the Teotihuacans - more than one millennium ago.

a) Zelch: m 20+ Charming and playful, reflective.
b) Taloc: m 20+ Handsome and refined, romantic prince.
c) Renoa: f 20+ Beautiful and kind-hearted.
d) Shaman: m 30-40 The religious leader of the Teotihuacans/
e) King: m 40-50 King of the Teotihuacans. An enlightened, wise leader.
f) Queen: f 40-50 A refined yet playful mother of the empire.
g) Ensemble of 6 characters. The ensemble sings and dances and plays
different roles throughout the musical.

A jazz musical dramedy about being single and swinging.

a) Mdm Goh: f late 60's Charming in a motherly way.
b) Natalie Koh: f late 30's Not-so-tall, but slender and petite.
c) Ray Rosario: m late 30's Eurasian, prim & proper, gay.
d) Fred Lee: m early 30's Single, young boyish looks, average buid.
e) Mr Koh: m mid 60's Stout, divorced, young-at-heart.

Romantic comedy set in a bridal store about a woman who meets an
attractive man just before her wedding. Modern, executive, pseudo-New
York setting

a) Jeremy: m late 20s - co-owner of bridal shop, serious and hardworking
b) Julian - m late 20s - half brother of Jeremy, co-owner of bridal
shop, flirty and fun loving
c) Nadia: f early 20s, sweet and slightly pampered daughter of a tycoon
d) Evangeline: f late 20s, confident, fun loving, about to be married
e) Bryan: m late 20s, gentle, about to be married
f) Alexander Aidan: m mid 40s, rich flamboyant tycoon

Singapore 1890: a young doctor is inspired by the love of a singing
girl to devote his life to public service.

a) Lim m 20+ Young hero
b) Lily f 20+ Heroine, about same age: classic voice
c) Baba Ong m 50+ Lim's uncle, bass
d) Auntie 50+ Brothel keeper
e) Kitty 20+ Young prostitute
f) Dr Mugliston Doctor m 40+ "patter" type of songs
g) J J James 30+ a Whitehall bureaucrat


4/01/2006 09:03:00 PM

Interesting.... but cant find a suitable role for myself.

Long time never involved already.... 

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