Friday, March 03, 2006

Mentaiko Pasta Debut!

Second food post in a day! I went to get my hair cut at Far East Plaza today, after which, i decided to drop by the supermarket at Isetan. Why there? Because being a japanese supermarket, it packs ALOT of goodies than you can't find elsewhere.
Ever since reading about Mentaiko Pasta on ChubbyHubby's, i had been dying to try it out, given it's simplicity to create. But the main reason is, i wish to know if it tastes as good as it looks. I have no idea how mentaiko tastes like, so it was quite exciting.
The packet of mentaiko. Looked a little appalling. Especially the thought of it being eaten raw.
Mentaiko in it's sags look like a raw piece of organ, specifically, a kidney.
Anyway, i bought my goods, got home and cooked it as soon as i could. Whipped out the camera and took a few shots. This is the first time i have prepared a 'high class' dish, and presented it nicely. I think i give myself 7/10. The taste, was not disappointing. :)
For the recipe i based tonight's dinner on, check out CH's Mentaiko Pasta post.
My version of it is slightly more sinful though. Actually features 3 whole strips of bacon, together with 1 shredded bacon sauteed with the onions. The rest of it is exactly the same as his recipe.
Thanks CH, for introducing this to me.


3/05/2006 01:53:00 PM

Wow..... i m totally amazed by the photos,.......
fred.. u r getting betta at these food stuff... everitime i at office see ur blog i v hungry leh.. haha 

Posted by janice lim

3/05/2006 05:02:00 PM

wahaha.. preparing for a backup profession! hahaha 

Posted by Fred



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