Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's Scam-The-Couples day!

Hello, It's Valentine's day, and as most of us know, it is the day couples all over the world get scammed of their money on expensive but 2nd grade quality dining.
The best meal would be one cooked at home by/for your companion! :)

I'm so busy this week..
Tuesday - Vocal Lesssons with Dan 1830-1910
Wedding Dinner 1930 - 2300 (?)
Wednesday - 1st full cast meeting for Closer to Your Heart: The Musical. - 1845 - 2230
Thursday - Possible Meeting with Local Film maker Lionel Chok - 1930ish - ????
Friday - Some R&R time finally. Maybe get a dinner date or sumfin'

I Blew a $8000 deal last friday. Which sucked. Mainly coz i was wrongly informed by a friend about certain music price quotations, and i quoted the company way too high.
In the end, i made myself look like a noob and cheat.
Lesson learnt: Get your homework done from credible sources. More than 1 source/opinion preferably.

Will revamp my site(s) soon. I'm sick of the 900kb Flash loading on www.Winterealm.com .




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