Thursday, February 09, 2006

Finally an update

I'm back.... Chinese New Year was probably the quietest i've had in my life so far... But coming back to work after the mega-long holiday was good. The moment i stepped in, the aunties came one by one to give their ang paos ... haha.. the amount in total was about enough to pay for the week's breakfast.

Life seems to be at the slumps for me right now... my mum has left for awhile now, dad basically just pretends to be dad, and that he cares, when actually all he cares is his china whore.
The only things i'm looking forward to is my musical, Closer to Your Heat, to be staged on 25th March 2006. Details will be posted soon. Admission, is free.

I have been noticing and observing some famous people, whom have made it big. People whom have left an impact in the world. Looking at their lives, they all have one thing in common. At one point in their lives, they were at the lowest point, the worst condition. And from there, they worked hard... very strive to become what they have achieved today.
Looking back at myself, i see myself in a somewhat similar miserable stage of my life. But one thing i'm not doing, is working hard and striving for success. My efforts are pathetic. I spend half my time playing games.

So, i've decided.... as a late new year resolution maybe... i will start to 'chiong' and work hard to become the most well known Singer/Music Producer/Composer from Singapore. I will start small, like all the others have. Start by dabbling my hands in whatever i can get hold of in the industry. And work my way up.

Life is like a RPG (Role Playing Game). No one starts the game at level 99 ... everyone starts at level 1, and work their way up.
I will continue to motivate myself. Be inspired.


2/09/2006 08:15:00 PM

jio me to ur chionging outings after my ballet exams in april k! whahahaha!!! 

Posted by ailee

2/09/2006 11:42:00 PM

i did'nt mean that kind of chiong leh -.-
i meant like... chiong in life... 

Posted by Fred



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