Monday, February 20, 2006

YAM - Yet Another Monday

The weekend was a decent. Well my family problem is coming to a close for now, Thank God. Went down to The Next Stage Academy at Newton (Which is basically the Theatrical section of United Artistes Network). Halfway walking there, it started raining...... very... heavily... so i took off and ran out to the main road, thinkign that i'd find a bus stop or something.
There wasn't a single shelter in sight. -_- . So i continued running under the heavy rain, and luckily found a huge tree with a big extended branch, which i stood under for 5 mins, until the sudden downpour slowed down. By then, i already was 90% drenched.
Luckily, the rain did subsided in 5 mins, afterwhich, i walked briskly to the venue. (no point running since i'm already all wet). The last time i got drenched so bad in the rain i think was back in Secondary School, when we actually thought it felt cool to 'take a shower in the public'. Haha. Good times.




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