Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Free Your Voice! A Speech Level Singing Workshop!

FREE YOUR VOICE - A Speech Level Singing Workshop by Daniel Singh - Singapore's only Certified Instructor. Tues Feb 21 7-10pm. Details & Registration now available at - Limited Seats. Register today.

What do 120 Grammy Winners have in common?

They all use the Seth Riggs Speech Level Singing™ Technique

Daniel Singh – Singapore’s first and only Certified Speech Level Singing™ Instructor will be conducting a 3 hour workshop on the Speech Level Singing Technique™. Come and discover how this revolutionary technique can unleash the full potential of your voice.

Some of the topics covered are:

* why you don’t need more breath/diaphragm support
* eliminating vocal breaks
* developing chest, mix and head voice
* falsetto vs head voice
* nasality & how to fix it
* singing in your real true voice from low to high
* effective warm-ups
* singing without strain & tension
* pitching correctly
* voice projection
* learn to sing with the same ease & comfort as speaking

Log on to for details, registration and location map. Limited seats.

PS: If you're attending, enter my name Frederick at the portion where it asks for a Group Code. :) Thanks.




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