Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Semi-Dead Fred

Last night's wedding dinner was quite disastrous. Don't get me wrong, the banquet was perfectly executed. It was the first time i attended a Halal/Muslim banquet, and it was interesting. However, my headache was so bad that all i could do all night was wear a smile and drink my glass of water. Any attempts at putting the food in my mouth simply felt revolting, and made me want to puke. Not that the food was bad, the food seemed to be pretty good, but i was simply not well. Fortunately, i did'nt puke and make a fool of myself. It was pretty much a night of enduring and keeping my cool. First time i attended a banquet with a small portion of food on my plate from the 3rd course, that remained untouched all the way till the 8th course.

Returned home at 2330, feeling slightly better. Played a little FF, mainly doing
something that was scheduled with my FF gang days ago, at the same time, preparing some amterial for today's musical meeting. Finally hit the sacks at 01:30 am.

Woke up today with my head feelin' really heavy, and like 20% control of my eyelids. Dragged myself to work anyway, after poppin' 2 asprins.
Gonna sleep the lunch away... i seriously lack sleep... i think.




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