Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Closer to Closer to Your Heart

Pardon the pun.. haha... Did the recording for the comemmorative at Stereo Image Productions yesterday after work. Ended at about 11:30pm, had dinner and then took a cab back.
The recording went pretty well, especially for first timer Shahddon, it was quite daunting for him. But he pulled it off. I'm just glad my coaching during his takes helped him and solved his problems..
So i'm really honoured and happy, that ours is the only musical to have 3 tracks in the CD, aside from ending the CD. I also have my name plastered ALL over.

Composer: Frederick Lin
Arranger : Frederick Lin
Lyricist: Frederick Lin
Assistant Producer: Frederick Lin
Performed by: Frederick Lin

I saw a preview of the programme guide for the night, and i'm just glad that i used a good picture of myself, coz, there are 2 profiles of me in the book. Once in the composer section, and the other in the Cast section.
In anycase, i think i'm drawing alot of attention. Just hope the attention will be good, and come from good sources.




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