Monday, March 27, 2006

Closer to Your Heart - A Success!

Last Saturday's musical was a huge success. We were sold out, much to my alarm because i had told my friends that tickets would be available in abundance on the actual day. Fortunately i did manage to get tickets for them at the last minute.
We arrived at 3 in the afternoon, everyone's nerves were just building and building..from our rehearsal till 10mins before our actual performance...
But at the end of the day... it was probably the last time we'll perform this act... so everyone agreed to give it their all... and that we did... and blew the audience away. (even our director).
People were weeping, and we received applaud for nearly every song sung.
I would like to take this time to thank my beloved cast, for doing such a great job with my music, for enduring the rehearsals and recording sessions... for having to adhere to me and Hawk's vocal expectations.... because of everyone 's hard work, the musical was a success.
Don't know what'll be in stored for the future now, but i hope that we'll have a chance to work together once more, someday. :)
I will break some rules, and put up some songs from the musical on my music site sometime later... Till then, i'll be busy recording/producing new pop songs, as well as making the new Winterealm site. Keep ya'll posted. Cheers!

Ps: On a side note, i don't know if she's crazy, really thoughtful, or just have alot of free time, but my friend Miss A, has compiled a must-have warddrobe list for guys. Check it out here.


3/31/2006 12:09:00 PM

haha ya man, it was a great musical.

Enjoyed myself a lot :) 

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