Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Long overdue update

Wow.. i realize i havn't really blogged for ages...
I've been caught up with certain.... projects .....
Because of my National Service liabilities, i can't reveal alot here...
but i have one thing to say, Showbiz is good money. :)
Well my musical went really well and i've been approached for ... stuff.
and, for once, i'm really being acknowledged and recognized for my efforts and talent.
I say talent because, sometimes i feel that talent is over emphasized.
I think that hardwork plays a more important role in success. Although having a natural ability to excel in a certain area, does accelerate the process.

Anyway, i've learnt alot over the past month. Learnt how to manage my time, juggling work, play and .. more work.
Also, success management, which my brother brought up to me. To manage my success, involves managing what people expect out of me, and what i produce.
Because when someone has seen/heard you do something impressive, that will set a standard in their minds. So naturally, the next thing you do, if it is lesser than what was previously done, you will disappoint, and eventually go back to square one. Key thing is, don't "Over Promote" yourself too much. So people expect less, and when you give more, they're impressed once again.
I gotta go for now... I had lessons with Celebrity vocal instructor, Dave Stroud the past 2 days. It was an extremely enlightening experience, and honour at the same time. Looking forward to his masterclass over the weekend.




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