Friday, September 30, 2005

Today's blue screen pic of the day

I like my hair today. Hello weekends! I'm gonna have a pretty eventful saturday. As for Friday night, darn i've got no date. But nevermind.. i shall stay at home peacefully and prepare a special little music project.
I'm so in love with a certain model/celeb named Debbie Wong... sigh...

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm vain!

I like taking pictures of myself daily, to see how i look for that day. Yes, i'm still quite the vainpot i used to be in secondary school. Only difference now is, sometimes i'm too lazy to style myself... whereas before, i could never ever leave home withou styling myself up.

New Song on

New original song up. It's titled Ai Qing Bian Yuan, which translates roughly to " The Brink of Love " ..
Everything was done by me, EXCEPT the lyrics. Written by a lady friend of my buddy, who spoke highly of her. Well she has a degree in Chinese , and had won best lyrics in a local music competition. It was wierd, and quite a challenge singing somebody elses lyrics for once. Special effort had to be put in to personalize the song, and make it sound genuine, instead of sounding like some karaoke session.
I went for the big dramatic feel this time for the music. I think it came out pretty good. Go check it out! Lin - Ai Qing Bian Yuan.mpx
Just rename the filename to .mp3 when you're done downloading it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Trying to recover

I'm a stubborn fool. I'm trying to recover from this inflammation, by taking lots of water and vitamin Cs while the sickness is in the initial stage. I've done it before, and i [hope] to do it again... I'm looking forward to Bangkok so badly!! Kinda worried now that i'll be sick when i go... Think i'm gonna see a doc the moment it gets worse.
Meanwhile, i'm so bloody sick of work. Been surfing for little travel guides about Bangkok, including the nightlife , which looks pretty exciting!
I'm gonna buy some 4D ... hopefully can get lucky and win some extra money to fund my trip...
ahhhhhh i feel so confined. After doing some soul searching recently, i realize i may not have been myself lately... rather, i've been trying to live according to others' standards. Maybe it's because of this lack of identity, i seem to be pretty lonely... Then again, i can't deny the fact that i've been shutting people out of my life.. i hav'nt been giving anyone a chance to enter and be a part of my life. Selfish? maybe.. I think it's a form of self-defence that i've learnt to develop after these years... That the only person that you can rely on, is yourself. But this can't go on forever... i don't think humans were meant to live alone. Adam had Eve, and vice versa. But now that i've wanted to start opening up, i'm having difficulty finding people.
Sometimes i think i suck in life... seriously... with all my talents and abilities, they seem to be good for nothing at all...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Welcome! I've decided to seperate blogging from my actual music website.
My original website was never meant to be a blog anyway, thus it was'nt designed to be a good vehicle for blogging. After much deliberation, i've decided to make a seperate blog site and retain the site for official music purposes only.
So anyway, i'm looking forward to a new lease of readers/listeners here! This is so much easier to update as well!
Putting up pictures and stuff together with the entries will be easier too.
Anyway, will build this thing up nicely as time moves along. Stay tuned!