Friday, December 30, 2005

Sim Lim Square

Is there some kinda secret trade/business going on at Sim Lim Square that i don't know of or something?
I want there to get something yesterday, a Thursday evening. And all over SLS, i saw girls wearing extremely short skirts, and scantily/sexily clad girls all over the place..... some were just girls accompanying their bfs, that i can understand... but there were solo girls or girls in pairs, who totally didn't looked like they fitted in with the tech. savvy crowd. It simply intrigued me. They were, what some singaporeans would call ah lians.

Well not that i'm complaining, it was nice to have some 'eye candy' in the midst of the gadgets and hardware. It's just that i found it a little amusing. Much like, seeing men in suits browsing around in a wet market. Is there some hidden night club on the top floor of SLS or are ah lians also interested in checking out the latest motherboards and 3D graphics cards these days? ^^;

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Winterealm Podcast Episode 5: Randomness

Helloo! Hope everyone had a good christmas! I'm back with the podcast, this time, the 5th episode. This episode was rather impromptu, (as usual) . I just decided to sing a couple of songs, and then do the other half of the show in totally impromptu mode. That is, playing and singing whatever came to my mind. Don't think it's too horrible. :D I even sang a cantonese song at the end!
Had to take out Episode2 to make space. Sorry, limited space on my host.
Hope ya'll enjoy this one. Next podcast will be in 2006.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Holidays

Back to the ordinary work routine! I did, however, extended my holiday by a day yesterday. :)
Yeah i know, a photo update is long overdue... will be putting up pics tonight.
The christmas party i hosted at my place was a big success. Everyone had fun, there were lots to eat, lots to drink, lots to talk and laugh about.
Will put up a more indepth post about the food in tonight's entry.
Will also record this week's podcast tonight. :)
Right now, i'm so damn sleepy at work. Probably gonna skip lunch and sleep it off.
Have a good day!

Friday, December 23, 2005

No Podcast This week

I've been very busy preparing things for tomorrow's christmas bash party at my house, so i did'nt have time to record a show for this week's podcast. I might do one over the weekend.
Been getting gazillions of chocolates at work. This is what my collection looked like as of this morning.

And this was what it looked like before i went home.

by the time i'm done with all this candy, this is what i'll look like

Anyway, i'm off to sleep. I'm terribly tired.. have such a crazy day ahead tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wednesday Woes

Woke up so impossibly late today, with my alarm still running in the background when i woke up... (meaning, i totally slept through the entire ringing phase).
Tentatively, i am expected to report to work at 0830. I woke up at 0830 today. ^^;
I blame my dad. He was using the electric blender grinding his nuts something at like 6 A.M. Naturally, i woke up to the noise 2-3 times between 6-7 AM, but in the end, my mind subconsciously adapted to the noise, and filtered it out, putting me back to sleep. Unfortunately, it seemed like this Mental Block also blocked out the alarm beeps when i was supposed to wake up.

Anyway, i still dragged myself to work, coz there's this Christmas Celebration in my section this afternoon. There will be loads of free food, gifts and such.
I came to work and there was like 1 mini candy/snack bundle and 6 pieces of chocolate arranged neatly on my workspace.

We have this little christmas game that the entire department take part in every Christmas. They call it the carer and caree game. Basically, everyone is assigned a caree for 2 weeks in the christmas season. The carers identities are to be kept secret to the carees, and they must do something to show care for the carees everyday. Be it a little card, or a gift, or something..
So this goes on until the last day, where the department have a biggish party and the carers will be revealed to the carees, and they exchange 1 'finale' gift.
Haha... its quite fun if you get assigned to someone that you would want to care for. But sucks if you're assigned to the person you hate most.
Will post up pics of today's party later tonight... also have a big Christmas house party this friday.:)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Parody/Jingle for The Mr Brown Show

I did this up a week ago, sent it to Mr Brown, but got no reply from him about it. So i thought what the hell, i might as well just share it with everyone. It was a little rather comedic jingle i did in 3 hours on 1 of the nights.
I had done it hoping that it'd be used as a theme song or something for his Mr Brown Show.. lol. Anyway, download the mp3 for a good laugh.

The podcast lives on...

I was about to officially announce that i'll be dis-continueing the weekly podcast. Coz, when i checked on saturday, i had a whopping 7 downloads for episode 4, which i felt was my best to date.
SO, i checked out my stats page to see how pathetic the downloads have been, and voila!
Episode 4 now sits at 47 downloads over the weekend, episode 2 and Episode 3 have doubled their figures since the last time i posted stats. Ep. 1 has remained the same, since i've removed the link. But anyway, this is good news, and encouragement for me to continue the weekly thursday show.

The weekend has been pretty boring. I did'nt go to for my free Zouk invite on Saturday, simply coz i did'nt manage to get a partner... Well i was'nt looking hard actually...simple asked 2 good friends, they had plans, so i called it off.
I spent the weekend training my voice, and gaming. Made a lovely dinner on Sunday. I had wanted to take photos of the wonderful dish, but my camera's battery was out. So i skipped the whole 'article-on-sunday's-dinner' thing.
I realize i hav'nt been writing new songs. It had suddenly occured to me how lazy i've been, and been forsaking my creativity.
SO, i've made it a point to start work on song production again, and hopefully come out with a song before 2005 ends.
If you like what you hear on the podcast, remember to help me spread the word about me!

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Winterealm Podcast Episode 4: My Own Songs

This week's podcast, i'll be singing a few of my own compositions, with a surprise ending song. Don't really have much to talk about it here, go check it out yourself. Most of the songs in this week's podcast are in mandarin though.

Episode 1 has been temporarily removed to make space for ep 4. I'm looking into alternative ways to host the large mp3 files.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

A subtle compliment

My auntie colleague suddenly out of the blue gave me this conversation:

Auntie (in cantonese):
Hey Fred, how much do you weigh? many kilos?
Fred: 68kg.
Auntie : Wah.. funny leh.. my husband weigh 70kg but he so small size.. must be all in the belly..
Fred: ^^
Auntie: What did your mum feed you when you were young? make you so big size..
Fred: I duno..she fed me all sorts of stuff...
Auntie: aiyo.. i wanna feed my son the same thing mah..
Fred: ^^;

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Routine #195

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been caught up 'managing' my family crisis, since my Bro has gone back to New York.

For some reason, time seems to be flashing by very quickly these days!
It's like, i arrive home from work at 7.. have dinner.. shower... then watch a movie/show while playing a game or surfing.. Before i know it, its 12 (A.M).
Pissed that i hav'nt really gotten enough of the night's leisure hours, i make an effort to stay up an additional hour or two.. But it usually ends up with me waking up grumbing in the morning...

Oh yes, i'm one of those with morning mood swings.. not severe such that i'd throw stuff about though..... but i usually refrain from communication the moment i wake up... i get pissed easily.

I had a slight interest in applying for next year's Singapore Idol, but my coach objected to it, saying that he does'nt have a good feeling about it, and usually when he feels that way, it's true. So, i'll trust him, and forego SGIdol.

Anyway, tomorrow's Thursday. Get ready for another podcast episode. :)
think i'll be singing my own compositions tomorrow, and also include some random jamming on the keyboard.

Some disgraceful figures
Number of Podcast Downloads:
Episode 1: 80
Episode 2: 31
Episode 3: 19

I'm predicting, Episode 4: 5

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Winterealm Podcast Episode 3!

I was nearly going to skip podcasting, infact, close down the whole thing. But then i thought to myself.. what the heck.. it's just a recording of me singing and playing the keyboard casually.. it is'nt really that much trouble.
It was 12 a.m , i wasn't feelin' sleepy, so i thought i'd just do a short recording.
Actually, i had intended to just sing Corrine May's Journey, and end it like that.. Then i kinda got into the groove, and sang a couple more songs.
I'm still quite depressed about my family splitting up. But shit happens.
If you're ever parents, remember to continue to love each and everyone, and be responsible. Hope ya'll enjoy this week's podcast. Go spam for me or somethin'.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

An Update!

Hi! I added some cool new features to the blog, thanks to Bloggerhacks .
Mainly, a new comments system and a 'most recent comments' list on the sidebar.
I'm slowly climbing out of my depression.. Though, my family seems to be over.. good old days are gone... Brother and wife will be leaving this saturday, probably won' tget to see them for a couple of years at least. My mum will be leaving for Indonesia/Hongkong in probably a couple of weeks, maybe a months time.. also for good.
Which kinda leaves me alone in Singapore, with just my friends and a psuedo-dad.
It sucks.. but.. life has to go on.. ther's no time to be pitiful. Just gotta make the best out of what i have.
The songs i wrote for my musical was well received at the playreading. Just a few criticisms that i have to take note of, and make some changes.
I'm gonna continue to do the podcasting periodically.. simply coz i enjoy doing it.. the only thing different from what goes on normally is i'm recording and publishing the singing. Otherwise, whether i do a podcast or not, every night i'm singing stuff all the time while i surf the net, play games, etc. etc.
So i was thinkin' .. wth.. why not i let others listen in too.
But seems like people are more interested in a more planned and scripted show. So i'll just do that.
Cherish your families if you have a complete one. It is a joy to have a warm family to return to everyday. really.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Winterealm Podcast Episode 2 : It's Christmas Time!

It's here! The 2nd Installment of the Winterealm Podcast show.
This episode (upon suggestion) , i'll be doing Christmas carols as the genre!
Actually, i should'nt use the term christmas carols, coz i think carols refer to the traditional christmas songs. So i think, Christmas Songs would be more appropriate.
This episode is rather huge, 32 megs. 35 minutes of trash singing.
I made a few mistakes, so the quality might not be as good.
I also hate my pronunciation. It is bad when i'm calm, and worse when i'm running a continuos recording.
Lotsa Michael Buble style christmas songs in the show. I did'nt really play alot on the keyboard in this episode, the next one i'll be doing alot more original material on the keyboard.
Till then, stay tuned. Remember, if you enjoyed it, tell a friend about it! Spread the news. :)

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Pictures of my Home Studio

My little home studio / bedroom .
What you did'nt see in the pic:
(i) Bed
(ii) Warddrobe area
(iii) Upright Piano
(iv) uglyass-uninspiring-unromantic white fluorescent light